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Meet the Founder

Meet Cameron Lilly, the passionate 22-year-old founder behind RR Marketing Agency!

Since the young age of 14, Cameron's heart has been captivated by the world of business, and her creativity has set her apart. During her studies in business administration and marketing, she eagerly soaked up knowledge, immersing herself in the depths of entrepreneurship.

Cameron's steadfast spirit of leadership and determination has defined her path. Beyond her personal pursuits, she wholeheartedly embraced the role of a peer mentor, uplifting and guiding others on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Cameron fearlessly embraced the challenge of a National Marketing Case Competition, revealing her strategic prowess and ability to overcome obstacles. During her high school years, she earned a Leadership Influencer award, a testament to her natural charisma and profound impact.

This strong passion led her to establish her own agency in December of 2021, a safe haven where she could utilize her knowledge, creativity, and leadership to propel businesses to new heights. She proudly encourages women in business to know and cherish their worth in the workplace. 

Nothing makes Cameron happier then exciting projects, moments that challenge her, happy clients & genuine people to laugh with!


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Montréal, Québec

*Delivering digital services worldwide*

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